There were 30 million people worldwide and more than 10 thousand present at the Capitol of Puerto Rico. Everyone attended with one purpose: to cry out to God.  Every year, during the first week of September, millions of people come together to pray to God for their families, their schools, their government, the world, etc.  Although the event “Clamor a Dios” (which translates to “Cry Out to God”) has been around for many years, Monday, September 5, 2016 wasn’t just another day of prayer.  Clamor 2016 was the forty-third Clamor and one that highlighted the 100th anniversary of the arrival of Pentecostalism to Puerto Rico.  100 years of Pentecostalism and 43 years of prayer.  This day was special!

For many years I have heard about the Rev. Jorge Raschke and the event called Clamor.  Until now, I had only heard about it, but this year I was there.  I was very excited as our band and choir, IEC Worship, had the opportunity to minister in this event.  We had prepared musically and spiritually, anticipating that God would be glorified.

When the day arrived, I was excited and ready.  The event began at 10 am with a loud prayer.  At 11 am, we were to minister through worship.  When the time came, we went up on stage.  We were outside the Capitol, in the open air with multitudes of people surrounding us.  At the distance we could see the palm trees and the sea.  The sun was shining and the scene was beautiful. We began with some Pentecostal songs (those of you that know me, know that I love Pentecostal songs). This was followed by another public prayer. At this moment, the dark clouds began to move in and the sun was left hiding behind them.  Drops of water began to descend minutes later turning into rain showers. As the time passed, the rain came down harder. The stage did not have a canopy; everything was out in the open. The rain could not stop the program.

After the prayer, we continued with the worship. Even in the rain, we worshipped.  All of a sudden…the rain stopped and the sun came out! Something happens when we worship God! After the worship, another public prayer.  We finalized our worship with some gospel style songs.  At that moment, Rev. Raschke was approaching the stage, preparing for his message. The time had passed, but when Rev. Raschke took over, he did something surprising: he followed the music and began to sing with us! I believe that Puerto Rico was shaken! Among these gospel songs the multitude was heard worshipping out loud, the IEC team was worshipping out loud, and Rev. Raschke was ministering out loud.  I get goose bumps as I write this! There was a Pentecostal fire in that place!  God was there!

For me, Clamor was an unforgettable event. Great things happen when people come together to pray to God and worship Him. God says in 2 Chronicles 7:14, “if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, then I will hear from heaven, and heal their land.” Millions of people called upon God and worshipped Him.  Thousands came to know Christ. Clamor 2016 made history!