I’ll be very honest with you, I am not a huge football fan. The only time I really watch football is during the Super Bowl. I normally hang out with some friends and watch it. It’s a really fun time because most of my friends root for opposite teams, which makes it quite fun to watch. I usually don’t pick sides. I just enjoy the nature of the game. With that being said, I was not rooting for anyone in particular this year. If you have watched all the previous Super Bowls, I think it is safe to say the Super Bowl 51 surpassed all the previous ones. History was made!

It was the Atlanta Falcons vs. the New England Patriots. If you watched the whole game, you may have noticed a thing or two.  During the first half, the Patriots were the underdog, that is, until the end.  Falcon fans were celebrating while many Patriot fans lost hope and walked out.  If you are a Patriots fan sharing the experience with Falcons fans, you may have gotten annoyed at their constant celebration. For over 90 minutes they probably cheered, jeered, and got in your face. The falcons were up 21-0 towards the end of the second quarter, that is, until the Patriots got real.  With some astute plays, the Patriots came back and won with a score of 34-28. This game made history.  It’s the first time that a Super Bowl goes into overtime, and it is the greatest comeback in history! The Patriots made an impressive comeback that will continue to echo for a few weeks. No hard feelings Falcons.  There is always next time.

There is an important lesson to be learned from Super Bowl 51. First, the underdog is never out until he decides it’s over.  The Patriots didn’t’ give up.  At their lowest point, they had a 25 point deficit. With a few minutes left on the clock, to end with a tie, they needed 4 points. Second, all the players began to focus. At this point they knew the opponent and learned their plays. After all, up until this point it had been the Falcons’ game, but now it was their time.  A few minutes left, a couple of good plays to get them to tie, and then some overtime. That overtime is what they needed to turn the tie into a victory.

It is only the second month of the year 2017 and many of us have lost some steam.  Those New Year’s resolutions have lost their priority.  Life is very much in full force and well, our new goals have taken a back seat.  That is until we decide that it is going to be different. We will be the underdog as long as we are comfortable with that position. While we cannot control what life throws at us, we can control what we do in response.

A lot of people may underestimate your abilities and your talents, but those who counted you out, simply can’t count! The advantage that we have is that our head coach is God, and let me tell you, He has never lost a championship! Don’t let the struggles of life discourage you and make you feel like you can’t succeed. Look deep inside of you and find that drive and passion. Call upon God and tell Him: “Let’s make this happen!” The Patriots did the impossible. If they did it, you can do it too! Tell the world: Don’t count me out!