Let’s look at how Jesus flipped the script on Saul. Paul, the apostle, came into the scene after Jesus ascended to heaven. A strong hater of Jesus’ followers, Saul was on a mission of death. After his encounter with Jesus, now he was renamed Paul, and he took on the task of spreading hope to the people he previously despised. For this, he faced turmoil and persecution. As a previous persecutor himself, he now knew what it was like to be persecuted.  As he faced the consequences of his previous actions, he said, I do not look at what is left behind; I cannot focus on what I have lost, rather I look to what is ahead (Philippians 3:14). Paul was flipping the script from suffering today to a blessed future tomorrow. Paul was “pressing” forward. He was in a forward motion against a backward pushing tide.

For Paul and for us, the past has done its deed, but the future is ready to be built. It is time to flip the script and look toward the future. Just remember that what the heart can believe, the mind can conceive, and your hands can achieve! Flip the script and press on!