If He cares…. Surely He will do much more for you

It’s 5 am, the alarm goes off and it’s still dark outside. I lay and ponder for a moment. Do I really want to get up? I could use another five minutes. I snooze the alarm and back to sleep I go. Five minutes later, the blaring begins again. At this time, there’s no point in staying in bed. I have a lot to accomplish before I get to work.

I am blessed because I can make this decision every day- do I stay in bed a little longer or get up, so I am not late to work? Many people have been affected by disturbances Covid brought. Nothing today looks and feels as it did two years ago. There is fear all around us. Fear of getting sick. Fear of getting others sick. Fear of losing our loved ones. Fear of losing our jobs. Fear of not finding what we need when we go to the store. We are surrounded by fear, fear, and more fear.

This reminds me of that verse in Luke. I don’t know what the vibe was on this particular day. I don’t know what Jesus was feeling. What was He sensing?  When He looked at his followers, what did He see? Was it apprehension? Was it fear? I can only surmise from His comments that He sensed that they were worried.

In Luke 12:22 He says to them: don’t worry about the things you need to live. He asks them to look around and consider the birds of the air and the lilies in the field. They are beautiful, healthy, and well cared for. They inspire peace and tranquility. The birds fly about enjoying the sky. The lilies sway and dance in the wind. Nothing about them says that there is a need to fear.

In verse 28 He tells them: If God makes what grows in the field so beautiful, what do you think He will do for you? …Surely He will do much more for you. I feel as if He is telling you and me the same thing today. If what I created is this wonderful, what do you think I can do for you? I will do much more for you.

Don’t worry and don’t stress. God will care for you!