How much kindness is excessive? How much grace is more than enough? Do we measure kindness by the measures we have received and grace in the amounts we have experienced? Do we measure everyone as we measure ourselves? Do we expect from everyone what we expect from ourselves or do we adjust our measurements of kindness, mercy, and grace to the person? In a world where everything is customized, shouldn’t mercy, kindness, and grace be customized as well? Everyone deserves kindness, mercy, and grace, however, in your life, you will encounter people who will need a little extra dose of each. For example, Jesus did not speak to everyone the same. Jesus did not hold everyone to the worldly standards, only to the same heavenly standard. He told the woman at the well what she needed to hear, and her life was transformed. She did not need healing of the body only healing of the heart. Her heart had been bruised and she looked for love and acceptance in all the wrong places.

Then there’s Nicodemus. Jesus showed a lot of patience talking with this expert of the law. The words and traditions got the best of him. The law made him forget about grace. His stringent education made him forget about God’s mercy.  He needed to reconcile his beliefs to God’s embodiment of grace and mercy in Jesus. The commandments stated that “you shall have no other gods before Me” and “you shall not make for yourself an idol” but to Nicodemus, his education and his status were his gods and his idols. Now that he had a conversation with Jesus, the ten commandments had a different feel. An old man needed a new nature- a Godly nature.

We also have the woman caught in adultery. I do not know what they were thinking, but it takes two to commit adultery and only one person was accused. Following the stoning tradition, everyone was ready to cast judgment upon this woman, but Jesus knew she needed grace, not human judgment. Grace was going to do what human judgment couldn’t do.

What about you? How much grace do you think is too much? How much kindness is excessive? How much mercy is overdoing it? Jesus showed us that there is no such thing as too much grace, too much kindness, or too much mercy. Some of us need more grace than others. Some of us need more kindness. We all want and strive for the same things; we just do not get there the same way or at the same pace. It is for us to share God’s mercy, His love, and His grace and for Him to redeem and restore.