Jason Cárdenas Ministries is a Christ-Centered ministry bringing restoration and spiritual revival. We aspire to impart a word from God that restores the soul and ignites a fire in each heart. The design of our logo was born from these beliefs.

Color Silver (Matthew 27:3)

When Jesus was sentenced to death, it was because one of his disciples handed him over to the authorities in exchange for 30 pieces of silver. The exchange led to Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection, ultimately restoring the relationship between God and man. For this reason, the color silver in our logo represents restoration.

The Cross (Isaiah 5, John 19)

It was on the cross where Jesus poured his blood and said “It is Finished.” Jesus was the perfect sacrifice. He completed his mission of atoning for our sins. Although He rose, we do not forget what He did on the cross. In the middle of the initials of the logo there is a cross. We want to let the world know that Jesus sacrificed himself for each of us.

Color Red-orange (Exodus 24:17, Acts 2)

In multiple occasions in the Bible, the manifestation of the Holy Spirit was through fire. The fire purified altars, brought conviction, and ignited revivals. We believe that the fire that was manifested in the Bible continues to manifest itself today. Therefore, the color red-orange in our logo symbolizes fire.

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