2016 was a prosperous year for our ministry. We had the opportunity to share the gospel in different countries and across various continents. What stands out the most from 2016 was our trip to Mexico.

We were in Mexico the second week of December celebrating our Christmas crusade. Saturday, December 10th, was when we had our big crusade service out in the open. That night there were hundreds of people present in the auditorium and outside. The gospel was heard throughout the city. There was an atmosphere of worship and gratitude. The presence of God was so tangible that people from the local city left their houses and gathered near the auditorium to witness what was going on. Dozens of people accepted Christ as their personal savior and many more renewed their covenant with Him, but what caught my attention the most was the faith of one man.

That evening a young man came to the crusade looking for healing. He had a growth on his left shoulder that was shaped like a ball. He was unsure of what it was, since he did not have the resources to go to the doctors. He had that growth for many years. He came that evening looking for a miracle.

When I finished preaching, I made the altar call and began to pray and minister for those present. While I was praying, I noticed this young man coming up to the altar. While he was walking down the aisle, I noticed he was crying and his hands were lifted up. It seemed as though he was praying. At that moment, guided by the Spirit, I laid hands on him and began to pray.

When the service finished, this young man came up to me and shared the details of the growth on his shoulder. His testimony gave me goosebumps. He said: “I was sitting in my chair and my shoulder felt warm. I left my seat and made my way to the altar. While I was walking I felt the heat intensify. Then I noticed that with every step I took, the growth grew smaller. When I made it to the altar, the growth had completely disappeared!”

When I heard that, I was immediately filled with joy! His miracle wasn’t the only of the night. That is what the Christmas story is all about. God the Son became flesh and came to earth. He took our sins and our illnesses. The birth of Jesus is a declaration to humanity that God has not forsaken us, and that through Him we have forgiveness and healing. Take a moment this Christmas to give thanks to God for all He has done. Recognize that Jesus is your savior and healer. The Christmas story is not about anything or anyone else. It’s about Jesus. Maybe in 2016 you drifted away from God or didn’t have the same passion to serve Him. Maybe you were diagnosed with a chronic illness and you don’t know what to do. Can I tell you something? In Jesus you can find your miracle. Merry Christmas!