It’s hard to believe that we are in the month of May. It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating the New Year. Where has the time gone? When 2017 came, many of us set new goals. I am not sure if you agree with me, but the first few months were a little rough. Many encountered obstacles and trials. Now we’re in May.

What I like the most about the month of May is that it’s a month of celebration. During this month, many things are celebrated in the United States. The two celebrations that I really appreciate are Mother’s Day and Graduation.

I remember when I was in college. I was doing a four-year degree and it felt that as the years went by, the curriculum became more difficult. Many people that began the program with me later dropped out. It was hard and I got bad grades a few times. I remember asking is this really for me? I can’t do this. It’s too hard. I was getting discouraged and I wanted to give up. At one point in my college career, I no longer had financial aid and I was sure that I would have to quit the program. It was four intense years of many obstacles, but you know what? I rose above all of that. I graduated as an engineer!

I couldn’t have done it alone. My parents always supported me. When I would get discouraged and felt like giving up, my mom would reach out to one of her engineer co-workers to help me out and advise me. Thank God for my mom (in June I will share more details about my dad). It was during those four tough years were I truly learned to appreciate a mother’s love. A mother will move heaven and earth to help her kids. My mom worked full time, was studying for her masters, worked with my dad as pastors, took care of the family, and always made sure I had the resources to press forward in my career.

I admire all the mothers out there. Moms have a very special heart. It doesn’t matter if you are married or single, moms have a special grace that comes from God. Moms face obstacles, go through trials, experience rejections, and navigate through financial crisis, yet they always rise above and give their best to their children.

I would like to congratulate all the 2017 graduates and all the mothers out there in this special month. Despite everything that life has thrown at you, you have risen above. Many ask, what’s the secret? The Apostle Paul gives us the answer, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Congrats, you made it! You have reached a new milestone in your life. Never let an obstacle keep you from reaching your purpose. Rise above!