Mini-Series: Fuel

Part 1 of 2

When people ask me if I like living in Orlando, I always say yes! I really like it, BUT… the one thing I do not like about Orlando is the crazy traffic, especially around 5 pm during the week. Highway 417 is usually slow, the Turnpike is backed up, and I-4 is like a parking garage. For the most part, I just listen to podcasts or music to help me stay calm during the crazy traffic (and drivers), but there’ve been a few times where the podcasts and music could not help me stay calm. Let me tell you why!

One day I got home at about 10 pm and realized that I had less than a quarter tank of gas left in my car. I was too tired to go put gas in my car that night, so I convinced myself that it could wait until the morning. The morning came and I was running a little late for work, so I put it off until after work. Due to construction and an accident, I had to take a different route to work. Once I left work, I was on my way to a meeting, and I completely forgot to stop and put gas. I then got onto I-4…what a mistake!

Once I got onto I-4, my gas light turned on. Oh no…there’s no turning back.  At this point, I was really nervous. The nearest gas station was miles ahead, and we were barely moving on I-4. I was trying to stay calm, but the thought of maybe getting left in the middle of the road really scared me! I turned off my podcast and AC (thinking that doing this might save me gas), and started asking for divine intervention! I was trying to get to my destination, but I was stuck in the middle of a busy road, and I was running on empty!

This physical experience looks similar to what occurs to many Christians in the spiritual realm. God has promised to take us to new spiritual dimensions, so we seek Him even more, we get more involved in ministry, we spend all our time and exert all our energy to get to this destination that God has promised us. But the thing is, we are in the middle of a very fast and busy world. Work, school, ministry, church, and other things keep us busy, and on top of all of that, 2017 is almost over! What?… Yes!

Do you feel like that car in the middle of a busy road? Trying to get to a destination, but you feel like you’re running on empty; no energy, no motivation, no courage? Let me share 5 life-changing words with you: “When I’m weak, I’m strong” – Apostol Paul. These 5 words coming from the Apostol Paul are more powerful than we can imagine.

In Acts 9:15, Jesus tells Saul (Paul): “You are a chosen vessel to preach My Name”. In 2 Corinthians 11, Paul describes how he suffered beatings and shipwrecks while doing the work of God. It’s like he’s running on empty. In the following chapter, chapter 12, he says he’s now feeling weak. He was doing the work of God, in a world that needed Jesus, but he was starting to feel weak… then he states those 5-powerful words: When I’m weak, I’m strong!

This is what amazes me about this! When we read….

To be Continued…

(Stay tuned for Decembers blog: “Refueled”)