I am often asked, what should I do next? The situations leading up to the question are different. Those asking are of different ages, different statuses, and from different cities. The question is always the same. It surfaces during a time when a person feels stuck, sort of like Elijah.  Remember him?  A great victory was followed by a huge sense of personal chaos. Let’s visit that cave for a moment.

It was dark and cold. Elijah sat there frustrated trying decide his next move. He wanted peace and direction.  He wanted support.  He felt alone. He was worn out. A great victory was followed by a great sadness and he felt persecuted. The cave that protected him also served to augment the negative feelings that flooded his mind. God understood exactly what Elijah was feeling and, setting aside His role of Almighty, he took on the role of Caregiver.  He sent Elijah some food and water, and allowed him to rest.  When the time was right, He came to visit.  He did not visit as a persuasive friend wishing to light a fire under Elijah’s feet. His intent was not to shock Elijah back into reality.  Instead, He visited as a supportive friend, addressing him as if in a whisper.  Elijah didn’t need thunder, lightning and fireworks to leave the cave.  He needed physical, emotional, and spiritual support, and God was there to give it to him.

So as we leave Elijah and the cave, let’s think about the situation for a moment. There are many people that need physical, emotional, and spiritual support. Pyrotechnics and lively music, long lectures, and persuasion do not change the configuration of the cave or the feelings that overwhelm them. It is still dark, cold, and lonely. People need someone to meet them at their need.  That is where we come in.  Our mission is to meet people at their need and introduce to them the God of Elijah. That God that fed Elijah and gave him time to rest, before He sat with him and comforted him.

The focus of our ministry is to take God to people in their spiritual and emotional ‘caves.’ In the next few months we are heading out to the nations to spread God’s hope, peace, and love. As we do, we encourage you to partner with us in prayer. And as you pray, also take a moment to look around you.  Who around you has a similar need?  Who around you needs to meet the God of Elijah? It’s time to go in to the cave.