Is it possible to know someone without ever having met them, seen them on social media, or heard of them? What? … Well let me explain. In December of 2015 I took a trip to Guatemala. While I was there I was preaching in different cities. The final night that I was there, I preached at a church close to where I was staying. When I finished preaching, as I usually do, I knelt at the altar and prayed. While I was praying, I felt someone place their hand on my back. Suddenly that person began to speak. She said:

I was never able to have children and I always begged the Lord to give me at least one. At the beginning of this year (2015), through dreams and visions, I constantly saw a young man. Everytime I saw this young man, God would tell me ‘Pray for your son’. I had never met this young man in person, nor did I know he existed. All I knew is that I needed to pray for him.

Today, while you were preaching, God told me ‘I have healed your womb’. It was then and there where I realized that YOU were the young man that I had been seeing in visions all this year! Without knowing you, I adopted you as a spiritual son and I have been praying for you all this year. God has protected you, and He will continue doing so!”

Wait…What?? How is this even possible? How is it possible that someone who has never met me, and lives in a different country, has been praying for me this whole year? I was speechless! I got goosebumps! 2015 was a year of transition for me. I finished school, moved to Spain for a little bit, then moved to Florida. I was by myself – my family stayed in Iowa. Very few people knew all of this, that is what shocked me the most! God never ceases to surprise me!

We live in a world full of trials and tribulations. Sometimes those trials accumulate and we feel like little by little we are drowning. Have you felt that way? You are not alone! When I begin to read the Bible, I notice that Jesus, the Son of God, also went through trials. He even reminds us, saying: “In this World you will have Tribulations”. Jesus knows what it is to go through tribulations, that is why He is always looking out for us, even if we may not realize it.

God always lifts men and women to be there for each other. Even though you may feel like you’re alone and God doesn’t hear you, He assures you that someone is praying for you! It can be a family member, a friend, or someone you’ve never met. Someone is praying for you! It’s no coincidence that after all these trials and tribulations the enemy has thrown your way, you are still standing. Your prayers and the prayers of others have sustained you. Remember, God has placed you in someone’s heart for them to pray for you!

September was a chaotic month around the world. Between hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters, the world was shaken. Puerto Rico was affected, Mexico was affected, Texas was affected, and Asia was affected. I have news for these regions: You are not alone! We are here and for you! Maybe we’ve never met, but God has lifted us up for such a time as this!

So, no matter how you feel, remember: SOMEONE IS PRAYING FOR YOU!